Business Voice Services

Can you imagine spending a million dollars on a communication system? We did exactly that! Built on the award winning MetaSwitch® platform, WNM Communications provides High-­‐Definition Voice services that are complemented by a feature rich suite of companion services like CommPortal® Desktop and Mobile Apps. We call it WNM Communications HostNet™ for Business. These applications provide total control of every conceivable element of how you communicate to your customers, vendors and personnel. Leaving the office? No problem! Receive calls from your office directly on your smart phone. With CommPortal®, facsimile and voice mail can also be reviewed and responded to instantly. Remote offices? Regardless of size, We have your connections™ with seamless four digit dialing to all of your remote locations without geographic restrictions.

WNM Communications’ HostNet™ is the system that never becomes obsolete, requires no capital investments and provides call services beyond expectation! Innovative and Reliable Service…every customer, every time!

We will earn respect and continued loyalty by offering the widest possible range of services, employing state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art technology, furnishing unparalleled system reliability and providing the highest level of customer and community services available.

Business voice