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Whether you are a current or future client, WNMC becomes a one-stop‐shop for all of your communication needs. We are different from other providers. We are a New Mexico based communications company and have been providing services in 12 regulated and non-regulated locations for over 44 years.

WNMC offers high-speed broadband access products up to 1Gbps including MPLS networking, Fixed Wireless & Gigabit Fiber, hosted voice systems, network virtualization, security fabric solutions and Ethernet interconnections. All wrapped around our complete network management for all the solutions we provide. Our sophisticated Network Operations Control Center (NOCC) monitors all of our connections 365 days per year. And all this is right here and right now. Should an incident occur, we are with you all the way, in many cases, even prior to incurring interruption.

For a free service program overview & network analysis, call us at 1-800-535-2330. Find out how we can help you reach the next plateau in networking and communications systems all custom developed just for you!

Did you know?

WNM Communications’ GilaNet covers approximately 15,000 square miles in Southern New Mexico. Our state-of-the‐art network control center (NOCC) immediately notifies us of marginal technical issues that may affect your service allowing us, in many cases, to correct issues before they affect service. We’re just better!

We offer great service and competitive pricing for all of your communication needs. “The best of the best!”

WNM Communications, your hometown communications company since 1974!

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