Careers at WNM Communications

The following positions are available at WNM Communications. They will remain open until filled.

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Telecommunications Equipment Technician

Job Description

The scope of this job is to install and maintain Telecommunication equipment providing the best
possible broadband and voice services to our customers using a variety of delivery methods. The
incumbent service area spans 15,000+ square miles and includes CLEC services in the surrounding areas.
Applicants must be self-starters requiring little supervision, willing to travel the entire network
sometimes being required to stay overnight away from home. This position is fast paced and requires
the ability to quickly shift attention from one task to another.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:
1. Install and maintain optical transport equipment and fiber optic plant deploying both SONET
and Ethernet transport. Ensure the integrity of total optical network
2. Install and maintain Digital Loop Carrier providing both POTS, XDSL and XPON services. Ensure
integrity of the DLC network
3. Install and maintain a variety of wireless PTP and PTMP broadband systems
4. Install and maintain subscriber radios providing both POTS and XDSL services
5. Maintain digital microwave radio network
6. Maintain discrete office alarms and equipment
7. Install and maintain DC plant equipment including rectifiers, batteries, generators, inverters etc.
8. Monitor and respond to network alarms during working hours and after normal hours
9. General site maintenance including testing generators, testing batteries, cleaning replacing fan
and air filters.
10. Other duties as needed.
Preferred experience:
1. General knowledge of buried and aerial copper and fiber outside plant
2. Working knowledge of optical transport and DLC equipment
3. Working knowledge of microwave radio technology
4. DC power experience
5. Tower climbing experience
6. Central office wiring and termination
7. Working knowledge of IP transport and broadband delivery

Outside Plant Engineer
Job Title:  OSP Engineer
Job Description:
Responsibilities for this position would include (but not be limited to) plant facilities design,
circuit design, project cost and time estimation, and project management and coordination. Other
responsibilities include meeting with customers, utilities, and/or local government personnel both
in person and via other means of communication (phone, email, mail, etc.) regarding plant
facility projects, CAD design, GPS collection, making warehouse requisitions, and other duties
as assigned. This engineer will be expected to understand telecommunications practices and
functions including, but not limited to, physical plant facilities (fiber optics, copper twisted pair,
and coax), transmission methods (TDM, ATM, SONET, Ethernet, and various Wireless
Technologies), mapping, and outside and inside plant construction methods. Knowledge and
understanding of basic (or advanced) networking, Ethernet routing and switching, plant
architectures (copper twisted pair trunk and distribution, fiber transmission, fiber trunk, PON
fiber distribution, Active fiber distribution, and wireless technologies), GPS collection, CAD
drafting, and mapping is essential.
Design outside plant fiber and copper projects.
Design outside plant Broadband Loop Carriers (BLC).  BLC’s provide broadband to remote
areas based on the company’s and regulatory requirements.
Participate in associated aspects of strategic planning processes.
Research and develop new products, methods, technologies and architectures associated with the
outside plant.
Coordinate with local, state, and federal government entities on projects as necessary (road
construction projects, permits, mapping, etc.).
Acquire permits and rights-of-way required to commence construction.
Other duties as assigned.
Understanding of telecom plant materials (i.e. conduit/duct, copper and fiber cables, access
equipment, hand-holes, manholes, pedestals, poles, etc.).
Understanding and knowledge of typical installation practices, and design concepts is preferable.
Knowledge and experience with NESC and NEC requirements is preferable.
Experience with AutoCAD and/or other drafting software.
Competence with basic computer systems (i.e. Spreadsheets, Word Processing, email, etc.).
Bachelor degree, or equivalent work experience, in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering,
etc. or other industry related or comparable experience is required.