Refer Your Friends & Family

Referral Program Rules

Love your Internet service with WNM Communications!?  Don’t keep us a secret!  Share with all of your friends and family and reap the rewards.  For every successful sign-up, you will receive a $40 gift card.  Your name must be mentioned to our representative when completing sign-up.  Limited time offer: September 1 – November 30, 2022.  $400 or 10 gift card limit per referral period, per customer.  Gift card will be sent within 15-30 days of successful installation.  Referral program may be discontinued at any time at WNMC discretion.

Referral Program FAQ

1.  What information do my friends need to give the representative so I get credit for the referral?  

A:  Your full name, just as it appears on your WNM Communications account – that’s it!

2.  Will I get a gift card for every person I refer?

A:  As long as they qualify for service with WNMC, give your name when signing up and are successfully installed you will get rewarded!

3.  Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

A:  $400 per referral period or… 10 gift cards!!  WOW!

4.  How long will it take to get my gift card?  

A:  You can expect your gift card 15-30 days after installation is complete.

5.  Do you have anything I can share with friends?

A:  Heck yes!  Click here, pick the image you love, right click, save and share! It’s that simple!

6.  I just want an easy way to share, how can I do that?

A:  Tell your friends when you see them, shoot them a text message or post on Facebook.  We promise your friends will thank you!  Just be sure to give them all the details.

Right click and save an image below to share with friends & family: