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High Speed Internet

High-Speed Internet

With unlimited local calling, WNM Communications service is perfecWith High Speed Internet your phone line becomes an “always on” Internet connection allowing both voice and data transmission. With WNM Communications Internet, you receive unrestricted, unmetered access to your favorite sites, including Netflix, gaming and other streaming services. for anyone looking for reliable phone service.

Reliable Telephone

Reliable Telephone

With unlimited local calling, WNM Communications service is perfect for anyone looking for reliable phone service.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Most businesses require higher-­‐speed than traditional methods can deliver. You want the continuity of using Ethernet as the transport medium and at affordable prices. Well, WNM Communications hears you and offers a number of broadband solutions to include fiber & fixed based wireless Ethernet solutions that scale from multi-Megabit to Gigabit speeds.

Did you know?

WNM Communications’ GilaNet covers approximately 15,000 square miles in Southern New Mexico. Our state-of-the‐art network control center (NOCC) immediately notifies us of marginal technical issues that may affect your service allowing us, in many cases, to correct issues before they affect service. We’re just better!

We offer great service and competitive pricing for all of your communication needs. “The best of the best”!

WNM Communications, your hometown communications company since 1974!

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