How to use Edgewave (Grey Mail)

This guide will show you the basics of how to view messages flagged as spam, and how to recover them, if improperly flagged.

For a full overview of the Edgewave Grey Mail system, click here to watch a 3 minute tutorial video.

How to Log in to Edgewave (Grey Mail)

> Quick Link

  1. Enter full email address (userid@domain)
  2. Use your email password

Grey Mail - Image one

Using the Spam Digest

Every day (unless set otherwise) you will receive a Spam Digest from Edgewave, our updated Grey Mail spam system. If you notice a message in the Spam Digest that you’d like to review, or is flagged in error, click the “My Account” link, in the upper right portion of the message (see below).

Greymail image 2

Clicking this link will take you to the Home view of Grey Mail.

From here, you will be able to review all messages flagged as spam by Grey Mail. Clicking a message will make it active, and show you the body of the message in the preview pane below. The top of the screen will provide you with icons that will work with the active message.

Greymail image 3

  1. Release – This returns the message to your inbox. You also have the option to report the message to our servers team, and we will update our filters to ensure similar messages do not get flagged as spam in the future
  2. Delete – This deletes the message from the Grey Mail system
  3. Select All – Selects all messages shown on the screen
  4. Download Message – This downloads a copy of the message to your compute